Sad, angry and what happens next

I’ve just been sitting at my computer crying, watching scenes from the funerals of the three children and adult shot by a gunman in Toulouse.  No parent should have to bury their child, but for a wife to bury her husband and two children made me wonder if we have achieved anything in the ‘fight against terrorism’, when innocent people are still dying, when soliders are killed in a French street because someone  doesn’t approve of the country they are fighting in, but also because he wants to avenge the death of Palestinian children by killing Jewish ones.  As a Jew, I do not consider Israel my biblical home or any other home, London is my home, it’s where I have lived since the age of two, it’s where my heart and soul are, it’s where my past, present and future are.  That the wife of the man and two boys killed (along with a girl, all buried in Jerusalem), now wants to return to Israel, will only confirm the view that Israel is the only safe place for Jews, to live and be together, away from the harm of anti Semites and right wing trouble makers.  And you know what, today, I think this too.  And it makes me so sad and angry that we have achieved nothing but more hatred and more innocent deaths, and for what?  I’m sad that the gunman is a Muslim, I had hoped he was a white, right wing neo Nazi, because all this does is create more boundaries between Jew and Muslim, Muslim and the rest of the world, pitting one against the other.  It will reinforce what so many people already think, that Muslims hate Jews and Jews have a right to live in Israel, and we take a step backwards, perhaps two.  I have no intention of ever leaving London for another other country, but I stand up for the rights of everyone, for the Palestinians and Jews and soldiers who fight for people who believe war is a good thing.  Stand with me.  We need the world to be safer for all of us, no matter what colour, race, religion, sexuality or gender.  I am sad.

4 thoughts on “Sad, angry and what happens next

  1. We do, though. Don’t ever take the extremists to be representative of all the rest of us. I don’t know either if we’ve achieved anything at all, especially today when the NHS has been given away, but what I do know is that we’re richer for everyone who’s even a little bit different; a little bit creative; a little bit unusual, and I for one am more than happy to throw away all I am in defence of that. If you and yours were to go to Israel we’d have lost something of inestimable value – our freedom of thought, and the ability to translate that into action.

  2. What upsets me in all my naivity is the lack of a proper answer to the question I always ask: why can’t we try to solve the disagreements we have in life by TALKING? Why were weapons and wars of all kind invented? So much pain and destruction…for what? WHY?
    Israel is a beautiful country to live in, but I would certainly not run to live there to feel safer. After all, can we be so confident that it’s safe to live in any part of the world?
    We have enough dangers luring all over the world, with all kind of nature disasters etc… Do we really have to create more danger?
    Am I being to romantic to wish for a world without wars and fights?
    Why can’t we all give eachother a big hug or at least shake hands and try to talk things through…

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